Welcome to Rockedge Ventures Limited

Rockedge Ventures was established to offer unique, wholesome spices for professional and commercial kitchens and home cooks. We focus on sustainable sourcing, direct supply chains, and mutually beneficial partnerships with partner farmers to boost their livelihoods.
For foodies who care about people and the environment, our spice range combines our passion for flavour with quality and sustainability, with the most beautiful aromas and depth of flavour for any home or professional cook.

Our Principles

At the heart of everything we source is the belief that food production can and should be done in harmony with and for the benefit of our natural environment. We work with suppliers that conserve, preserve and better their environment at the same time as producing the best quality and highest welfare spices, they possibly can.
Rockedge Ventures recognise the inextricable links between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet and we are proud that our products align with these values.

Ethical and Sustainable

We are an ethical employer, and all our products are sourced from partners who also employ strict ethical standards. All of our products and spices are produced following organic methods.

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Rockedge Ventures Limited
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