Welcome to our new page where we will feature some of the products we stock and give you additional tips, about how to incorporate some of our products into your cooking.

Who we are

Rockedge Ventures was established to provide chefs, home cooks and commercial businesses with exotic, wholesome spices. To help farmers improve their livelihoods, we concentrate on building fair procurement practices, direct supply chains, and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers who share our same values.
In February 2010, Rockedge Ventures began as a sole-trader-managed company, with an initial emphasis on purchasing and selling products online. Rockedge Ventures, which has a decade of online retail experience, has been running as an incorporated Limited company since January 2020, intending to expand its business to deliver an increasing variety of quality products to a broad range of consumers.
We find that these spices featured below have the widest applications and biggest impact when it comes to enhancing the flavours of food.
All our spices are packed in a gluten-free site with strict adherence to allergen segregation protocols, however, nuts (including peanuts), mustard, celery and sesame seeds may be present on site.
If you have any questions about the spices we sell, please contact us – we’d be delighted to advise you further.

Cayenne Powder

100g and 200g pack sizes
This is one of the finest staple chilli powders to have in the pantry, made from a combination of many different varieties of spicy chilli. It can be used in almost any dish that calls for chilli fire, and it’s also a great colourant, giving everything, it’s added to a lovely deep red hue.

Chilli Flakes

100g and 200g pack sizes.
Most of us are familiar with dried, flaked chillies these days, and they are an important part of every pantry. This is such a flexible spice that can be used if a fruity, fresh flavour with a nice chilli kick is desired. Dried red peppers are rich in antioxidants that promote good health by fighting oxidative stress in the body and suppressing inflammation that can lead to pain and disease.

Chilli Powder

100g and 200g pack sizes
It has a wonderful red colour and a lively and vibrant flavour. This is a must-have staple that can be used if you need it in any dish. Experiment with subtle flavours and differing heats to suit your palate. This spice contains vitamin C, acting as an antioxidant to strengthen the immune system and heal injuries and infections.

Chinese 5 Spice

100g and 200g pack sizes.
Our Chinese 5 spice is a blend of quintessential spices. Five-spice powder packs some serious aromatic punch; it’s all you need to season chicken breasts, salmon, steak and ham. Five-spice powder can also add complexity and savouriness to sweets and savoury dishes alike.
Chinese Five-spice may be used as a spice rub for chicken, duck, pork and seafood, in red cooking recipes, or added to the breading for fried foods. Five spice is used in recipes for Cantonese roasted duck, as well as beef stew. It is used as a marinade for Vietnamese broiled chicken. Use it as a mix ingredient in Five-spice chicken and mushroom pies and see what a difference this savoury spice makes to your taste buds. This is a kitchen essential for wide use in various cuisines.

Cumin Seeds

100g and 200g pack sizes
Cumin seeds comes handy for your stuffed mackerel and cumin potatoes meal. Whole cumin seeds have a bright, earthy, slightly spicy flavour that may remind you a little bit of dried lemon peel when they’re added to rich ingredients like yogurt or meat. It Imparts sweet smelling aroma to your braised lamb shoulder potato diet. Try our cumin seeds in your velouté for that pan fried scallops with caramelised cauliflower purée or for your creamed lentils in your Chargrilled lamb steak with turmeric. For the best flavour, you should toast the whole seeds before adding them into your favourite recipes. Cumin seeds are used in wide ranging ways and it’s a chef’s delight. Cumin has become the subject of medical research, as anecdotal evidence claims it has all kinds of health benefits.

Curry Powder

100g and 200g pack sizes
Curry is only one of India’s many culinary gifts to the globe. Most commonly used as the backbone for any curry dish, adding flavour and aroma and also supports your digestive health, heart health, and more. In our blends, we just use the freshest, highest-quality products.

Fennel Seeds

100g and 200g pack sizes
Fennel seeds are a spice harvested from one of several types of herb fennel plant. They have a sweet, powerful flavour that is similar to liquorice. Toast our Fennel seeds for your steamed bao buns and quick pickles for the nourishing Sichuan beef meal. Get unique taste to your buds when added to the pickled raisins used in your vegan “Waldorf salad”.
Fennel seeds are a must have for the delicious Californian fish stew. Try them for the masala sauce when next you prepare Lobster masala with spiced lentils! What’s more: Fennel seeds could be ground into spice mixtures and added to soups, sauces, fish dishes, lamb- or potato-based curries, pickles, condiments, breads, cakes, pancakes, desserts, confectionery and drinks.
In India, they are chewed as a breath freshener and digestive aid.

Garlic Powder

100g and 200g pack sizes
Garlic is a must-have in every kitchen, contributing a savoury element to nearly every cuisine on the planet. Substitute one-quarter teaspoon of our granulated garlic for each tiny fresh garlic clove in a recipe to save time. The most important health benefits of garlic powder include its ability to regulate high blood pressure, lower overall cholesterol levels, improve the immune system, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and aid in digestion, among others.

Ginger Powder

100g and 200g pack sizes
Many recipes benefit from the addition of ground ginger, which gives them a wonderfully warm, sweet, and spicy flavour. It pairs well with any vegetable dish, lentils, beans, curries, and stews.
Ginger is extremely effective at boosting your immune system and fighting bacterial infections.

Jerk Seasoning

100g and 200g pack sizes
The term “jerk” is giving to a special type of technique in Jamaica. In this technique, holes are poked in the meat so that the spices can go deep down and give flavour to the meat. Jerk seasoning is used on a variety of ingredients and acts as a marinade. Mix our flavourful jerk seasoning, soy sauce, tomato ketchup (or barbecue sauce) and honey into a bowl and mix to a paste and generously apply to chicken prior to roasting in an oven for a mouth- watering meal with rice, peas and fried plantain. Savour the richness of Jerk spiced shoulder of goat or Vegan jerk jackfruit burger. Jerk seasoning can be applied singly or mixed with other ingredients to spice up your meals imparting its characteristic aroma.

Mustard Seeds

100g and 200g pack sizes.
Brown mustard seeds (also called Black mustard seeds) are rich in health-giving minerals such as zinc, iron, and magnesium. It is used as a spice and to flavour mustard condiment. Brown mustard seeds when cooked until fragrant and starting to pop can be used in mix of ginger, onion and garlic to toss your greens for that unique fresh delight. Bengalese of India enjoy prawns with coconut, chillies and mustard seeds. If you’re looking for a healthy side dish for a curry night, try including brown mustard seeds to your spice mix to the humble cabbage. Flavour the cream sauce of your deliciously made pork roast or steak with tangy homemade mustard derived from mustard seeds. For that special occasion and in many homes, even Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without salmon gravadlax with champagne mustard from homemade mustard.