Our promise

Quality Service – Quality Products.

As our company grows, our responsibility to protect the environment and the planet’s resources grows with us. Therefore, our business activities and ambitions are framed by the following main categories:
• Food safety
• Reliability
• Origination
• Sustainability in Product Quality
• Traceability


Rockedge brings richly flavoured spices that are ethically sourced and processed to quality standards to customers, while maintaining a sustainable procurement process. Environmental sustainability is central to our business. Hence, our suppliers ensure the earth, and its environment are preserved to ensure acceptable carbon footprints in our supply chain.


Rockedge is committed to a work environment that is free from human trafficking, forced labour and unlawful child labour (collectively “human trafficking and slavery”). It also strongly believes that it has a responsibility for promoting ethical and lawful employment practices. We remain committed to ensuring that modern day slavery does not exist in our supply chains nor any other aspect of our operations. From farm to fork you are assured that our suppliers’ source for food spices that are natural, ethically grown, harvested. and processed in a manner consistent with respect for human dignity in all their pathways.
We’ll evaluate the suitability of companies in our supply chain, ensuring that all necessary reviews are completed before adding them to our authorised vendor or supplier list. Testing manufacturer and retailer modern day slavery comments and ensuring conformity with the modern-day slavery Act of 2015 is part of this process.
We only partner with companies who value their responsibilities in the fight against global slavery as much as we do. If vendors and contractors fail to meet the necessary requirements, we will expect them to explain the steps they are taking to improve, and if the required change is not made, we will terminate the contractual arrangement.

Working with Rockedge

We are always looking to work in collaboration to build lasting relationships that bring to market great quality products, supported by knowledge and expertise.
We are driven by the ever-increasing demand for quality assurance, traceability and product sustainability.
A valued client said: “Rockedge is a company that, from our experience embraces and delivers these changes with the highest standards of customer service, making us a partner to be proud of”.

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