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Rockedge Ventures started life as a sole-trader managed business in February 2010 with an initial focus on buying and selling items online with no specific branding. Now, with a decade of online retail experience, Rockedge Ventures has been operating as an incorporated Limited company since January 2020 with a vision to growing a large and dynamic business to provide an increasing array of innovative product offerings to a wide spectrum of customer requirements. The Rockedge brand is committed to sourcing and offering an increasing variety of ethical and equitable food spices to serve domestic and commercial clients and wholesale spice supplies for use in restaurants, hotels, airlines, manufacturing, and related businesses across the food manufacturing industry.

We are passionate about spices.

We are constantly striving to deliver exceptional flavour, quality and excellence within our product ranges and we are committed to an ethical, transparent and sustainable supply chain. We source our products both from large-scale distributors and directly through small suppliers to ensure the consistent supply of high-quality products to both our retail customers and wholesale, commercial clients.

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Trading / Correspondence Address:

Rockedge Ventures Limited
Unit A, 82 James Carter Road,
Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7DE,
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44-7591597765
Email: [email protected]