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Rockedge Ventures Limited

Rockedge Ventures was established to offer unique, wholesome spices for professional and commercial kitchens and home cooks. We focus on sustainable sourcing, direct supply chains, and mutually beneficial partnerships with partner farmers to boost their livelihoods.
For foodies who care about people and the environment, our spice range combines our passion for flavour with quality and sustainability, with the most beautiful aromas and depth of flavour for any home or professional cook.
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From farm to fork you are assured that our suppliers’ source for food spices that are natural, ethically grown, harvested. and processed in a manner consistent with respect for human dignity in all their pathways

Distinctive Colours, Mild and Hot Spices

Whether it is for normal daily home cooking, or for that special occasion; menu in your small or highly rated restaurant, spices help 'spice -up' your meal with unique seasoning effect that delights your palate and gives you that bounce in calories required to drive body activity. We have a growing store of unique spices that every pantry must have.

Visit our Product page by clicking the tab below, and if you want more, we have over 100 spices which you can find in our wholesale and commercial page. We are here to serve. Welcome!

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Highest quality spices for cooking meals and recipe development
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